How to Fix: Need to Hold Down or Jiggle Handle to Flush Toilet

Do you need to hold down the handle to get a powerful flush?
  1. Check if the water level in your tank is set below the manufacturer’s water line.
    • If it is, adjust the fill valve to the marked waterline or half an inch below the top of the flush valve overflow tube.
    • If the flapper is closing right after you flush, the chain has too much slack.
  2. Adjust the chain to have minimal slack and trim any excess chain.
  3. If these tips don’t resolve your issue, you may have an incorrect flapper and it needs to be replaced.
Do you need to jiggle the handle to stop your toilet from running? Your flapper chain may be too loose or hung up on something in the tank.
  1. Make sure there is little to no slack in the chain and that the chain pulls the flapper straight up.
  2. Trim any excess chain.
  3. If the chain is installed correctly and you still need to jiggle the handle your flapper is worn and needs to be replaced. 
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