How to Fix: Slow Filling Toilet

Does your toilet tank fill slowly or not at all after flushing?
  1. Ensure your water supply shut off valve is turned completely open.
    • If you have a flexible supply line, ensure that the line is free of kinks.
  2. If your water supply is open and your supply line is free of kinks there may be a restriction in your water supply.
  3. Disconnect the supply line from the toilet fill valve and place the end into a bucket.
  4. Slowly turn the water supply line on.
    • If there is still little to no water flow, there is likely a restriction in the water supply line or a problem with the incoming water supply. Consult a plumber.
    • If the water flow into the bucket is strong there is a problem with your fill valve and it needs to be replaced or serviced.  
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