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Made in the USA

Made in USA Toilet Repair

Korky remains committed to manufacturing in the United States to provide high quality products and keep jobs in America. Our products are designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

Longer Lasting Materials

Korky Plus Universal Replacement Toilet Flapper Proven Longest Lasting

Only Korky has the best material in the marketplace for long life in your toilet.

By pioneering Chlorazone red rubber, Korky created an unmatched chemical-resistant material that withstands modern water treatments to ultimately save water and money.

All Korky red flappers are backed with a 5 year warranty and resist:

  • Bacteria
  • Chloramines
  • Chlorine
  • City water treatment
  • Hard water
  • Well water
  • Rust

Innovative Products

Replacement toilet repair parts

As toilets continue to change, so do the repair parts! We are continuously committed to designing repair parts that are universal to fit the majority of toilets. We offer a full line of both universal and specific-fit repair parts, so no matter what type or age of your toilet you have, we have a solution for you!

As toilets continue to change, the Korky Toilet Repair Product Engineers continue to manufacture intelligent repair solutions. Our universal solutions fit more than 90% of toilets and the others are satisfied through our specific fit items.

Toilet Repair Made Easy

As Toilet Geniuses, we know that fixing your toilet or finding the correct part for your toilet can be overwhelming, so stick with us! We will guide you through everything from picking out what you need to install the product.

Product Selector Tool: Use our patented product selector tool Toilet Toolbox to find the correct repair part for your toilet.