Toilet Replacement Parts

Flappers: Invented by Korky in the 1950’s, the original toilet flapper is the preferred choice among Plumbing pros.  With a wide array of flappers, our universal and Specific Fit flappers are sure to meet the needs of your toilet.

Repair Kits: Not sure what is wrong with your toilet? Do you want to update your toilet's efficiency by saving water and money? Overhaul your toilet with a Korky toilet repair kit.

Fill Valves: All Korky toilet repair fill valves are universal replacements for ballcocks and other toilet fill valves. Upgrading your toilet tank to include Korky Fill Valve will lead to a quieter, better performing toilet.

Flush Valves: We offer both fixed height flush valves and adjustable height flush valves. We manufacture both 2" flush valves and 3"-4" flush valves.

Toilet Plungers: We offer a full line of toilet plungers manufactured of high-performance, non marking rubber, so it will not damage or mark up your toilet bowl

Accessories: We can help you complete your project with Made in USA and high quality products, ease of installation and confidence.