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WaterWISE Fill Valve

Part Number: 

Only fill valve that detects flapper leaks and hang-ups
WaterWISE® Fill Valve minimizes water loss in all toilets
Fill valve adjusts from 8" to 14"
Universal to fit most brands
Includes fill valve and hardware
Made in USA
5 year warranty
Alternate part number: 528ZPK | 528ZFL | 528ZFR

Product Description

Designed to minimize costly water loss, the WaterWI$E Fill Valve is the only dual shut-off fill valve that detects toilet flapper leaks and hang-ups. Saves water due to leaks by not refilling the tank during a slow toilet flapper valve leak and automatically shuts off if flapper is stuck open. Designed to fit more toilets, this toilet fill valve adjusts from 8 inch to 14 inch, fitting large and small tanks. The WaterWI$E Fill Valve is proven quieter than other fill valves. Easy to install, the 528Z toilet parts include: (1) 528Z Toilet Fill Valve, (1) Refill Tube, (1) Metal Refill Tube Clip, (1) Mounting Nut, (1) Cone Washer, (1) Coupling Nut, (1) Tamper Proof Key and (1) Instructions.

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