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Fits Kohler® & Eljer® Tank Ball

Part Number: 

Specific fit for Kohler® & Eljer®
Fits Kohler models: Champlain (3390), Palarre (3383), Pompton (3400) and Rochelle (3385)
Fits 2" flush valve opening
Toilet tank ball made of chlorine resistant rubber
Made in USA
5 year warranty
Alternate part number: 425BP | 425FR

Product Description

The Fits Kohler & Eljer Tank Ball Flapper is designed to fit Kohler part 88921 and Eljer Touch Flush assemblies. This toilet tank part uses the exclusive longest lasting red rubber resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. In addition to the Kohler models, the tank ball also fits toilets with brass flush valves and Eljer toilets with Touch Flush Assembly. Easy to install, the 425 toilet parts include: (1) Tank Ball.

The Fits Kohler & Eljer Tank Ball fits the following Kohler toilet models and tank numbers (find toilet info here):

  • Kohler Champlain Toilet (3390)
  • Kohler Palarre Toilet (3383)
  • Kohler Pompton Toilet (3400)
  • Kohler Rochelle Toilet (3385)
  • Eljer toilets with Touch Flush Assembly
  • Brass flush valves

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