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Fixed Height Toilet Flush Valve & 2" Basic Toilet Flapper

Part Number: 

Flush valve fixed height of 11"
Fits 2" flush valve opening
Universal to fit all brands
Includes: flush valve, flapper and hardware
Made in USA
1 year warranty

Product Description

The Fixed Height 2 inch Flush Valve & Flapper kit is designed to fit most 2-piece toilet models. The oversized, 11 inch overflow tube allows for better overflow capacity to prevent flood risk . The Toilet parts are easy to install, the 89 toilet parts include: (1) Fixed Height Flush Valve, (1) 54 Toilet Flapper Valve and (1) Instructions. 

Quick Overview:

  • Fixed height 2 inch flush valve, fits all 2-piece toilet tank brands
  • Oversized tube for better overflow capacity
  • 11 inch overflow tube height
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: (1) Fixed Height Flush Valve, (1) 54 Toilet Flapper and (1) Instructions