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Toilet Plunger & Drip Tray

Part Number: 

Fits old and new toilets 
Plunger cup: 6"
Handle length: 18"
Plastic straight handle
Plunger head/cup made of rubber
Plastic drip tray
Made in USA
Alternate part numbers: 91-4A 

Product Description

The Korky toilet plunger is designed to fit all toilet bowl shapes and sizes. The included sanitary holder contains a drip tray that features an easy-to-store design. Made of durable, non-marking rubber, its unique and flexible plunger head effectively clears common clogs. Unlike traditional wooden-handled plungers, the plastic handle allows for a comfortable, nonslip grip. Designed, manufactured, and built in the United States, Korky's promise of quality and craftsmanship is unmatched. The 91-4 Includes: Plastic handle, plunger head, and drip tray. 

Quick Overview:

  • Fits old and new toilets
  • Unique, flexible plunger head for effective plunge 
  • Clears common clogs
  • Made of non-marking rubber
  • Plastic handle allows for a comfortable, nonslip grip
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: Plastic handle and  plunger head

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