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How to Plunge a Sink, Tub or Any Type of Drain

Do you have a clogged sink, tub, shower or drain that is completely plugged or draining slowly? Skip the nasty chemicals and turn to the power of the Korky sink plunger. Learn how to quickly and properly plunge a wide variety of drains.

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  1. Learn how to plunge a variety of drain types - Video instructions below.
  2. Click the find part button to find the correct plunger for the job.
  3. While you're here, if you have any toilet issues, check out some of the commong troubleshooting topics.

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Check out the video to learn how to unclog your drain.

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You can always give our Technical Support team a call too...We are here and happy to help! U.S.A: (262) 763-2434 & outside U.S.A.: (800) 528-3553. Available: Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST.