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What Flush Valve Seal Do I Need?

With such a wide variety of toilet flush valves on the market, selecting the correct flush valve replacement seal can be a bit overwhelming. We hope our part finder and/or the the helpful hints below will make your life a bit easier. 

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Korky offers a wide variety of replacement seals to cover the most popular models. Simply scroll to find the flush valve that looks like the one in your toilet and we will direct you to the correct replacement for your toilet. 

Repair your leaking or running American Standard Champion 3, Kohler Class Five, or Kohler Class Six toilets. Replaces: American Standard seal: 738651-0070A & Kohler Seal: GP1059291. Korky part: 435

The Fits American Standard Champion 4 and Eljer Titan 4 Flush Valve Seal is designed to replace the original American Standard part: 7301111-0070A and the following tank models: American Standard® Champion® 4 (2004, 2034, 4266, 4272, 4077, 4281), Champion® 4 Max (4215), Champion® Pro (4225), and Eljer® Titan® 4 (4272). Korky part: 450

The Fits AquaSource and other dual flush seal kit contains 3 various sizes of seals designed to fit the following models: AquaSource (T801, EL205, 0400DF), American Standard (4339, 4348, 4349), Glacier Bay (N2316, N243OE, N2420, N2428R-DF, TL-6900-EW) and Mansfield (178). Korky part: 440

The Fits American Standard Champion Flush Valve Seal is designed to replace American Standard part: 738651-0070A. The valve seal fits specific American Standard tower style flush valves. Korky part: 428

The Fits Mansfield 210 and 211 Valve Seal is designed to fit both 2" 210 and 211 Mansfield flush valves. Korky part: 427

If your toilet uses a standard toilet flapper, find the correct replacement here.