2-Inch Ultra High Performance Toilet Flapper

Korky Standard 2 inch toilet flapperI put the replacement in and it immediately stopped the constant leaking problem. For an unknown reason to me at the time, when I hit the flush handle, it wouldn’t flush without holding it down all the way. I called the customer support number on the back of the package and they explained how I needed to shorten the chain. Works perfectly after the adjustment and I can’t speak highly enough about their service!

2-Inch Ultra High-Performance Toilet Flapper User

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BEEHIVE Max® Hideaway Toilet Plunger with Holder

Korky Beehive Hideaway Plunger in BathroomI gave this a try shortly after it arrived (great timing). It cleared the toilet so well that I thought the whole thing was going down the drain. We have the newer water-saving toilets, and clogs seem to be more common than the old-style toilets, so this will be placed for fast access. I really like the extendable handle and the storage container that tilts to remove the Beehive plunger. The added bonus is the design keeps water from splashing all over, and that alone is a great reason to purchase this plunger. But the best thing is, it really does the job.

BEEHIVE Max Hideaway Toilet Plunger User

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StrongARM® Toilet Flush Handle & Lever, Simple Matte Black

Korky 6034BP Toilet Tank LeverThe arm that was attached to the old flush handle had corroded, so I replaced it with this new handle. The matte black handle worked exactly as described. I'm very happy with the results and expect that this will last for the life of the toilet. This was so easy to install!

Simple Matte Black StrongARM® Toilet Flush Handle & Lever User

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BEEHIVE Mini® Sink & Drain Plunger

Beehive Mini Sink PlungerI didn't realize mini plungers existed until I came across this one. If only I'd known of this when I didn't have a garbage disposal and my kitchen sink would clog from time to time. Great for bathroom sinks and tubs as well. I'd recommend using this to open a drain clog, prior to using a chemical drain opener. I would definitely recommend this.

BEEHIVE Mini Sink & Drain Plunger User

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QuietFILL® Platinum Toilet Fill Valve

Korky QuietFILL Platinum Fill Valve in toilet tankAmong all of my DIY projects, swapping out this fill valve was surprisingly straightforward and hassle-free. The instructions and video were remarkably easy to follow, and the fill valve itself is exceptionally well-made! I keep flushing my toilet in disbelief that an online purchase for a toilet repair could actually live up to its promises, and be so effortlessly installed.

QuietFILL® Platinum Toilet Fill Valve User

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