Why is My Toilet Wobbling?

Is your toilet wobbling, causing you discomfort and worry? A wobbly toilet can be a common household issue, but fear not - we've got you covered! 

Start by identifying whether your toilet tank or toilet base is wobbling. Maintaining a stable toilet ensures your bathroom is not only safe but functional, so let's get started.

Does this describe your toilet issue?

Step 1: Wobbling Toilet Tank

A wobbly toilet tank can be an alarming problem, leading to potential leaks and water wastage. Fortunately, fixing it is a straightforward process. Here are the two leading causes:

  1. Loose Tank Bolts: Loose tank bolts are the most common cause of a wobbling toilet tank. Over time, these bolts can become loose due to repeated use, vibrations, or even temperature fluctuations. When the tank bolts are not tightened properly, the tank may wobble and become unstable.

  2. Worn-Out Tank-to-Bowl Gasket: The tank-to-bowl gasket is a crucial component that creates a watertight seal between the toilet tank and the bowl. If the gasket becomes old, worn out, or damaged, it may lose the ability to securely hold the tank. As a result, the tank may start to wobble or even leak water.

How to Fix/Replace

  1. Shut off the water supply to your toilet, then flush and hold the lever down to drain the water from your tank.

shut off the water supply

  1. Place a bucket underneath your toilet tank to catch any excess water.

place bucket under toilet

  1. Disconnect your water supply line. Locate and remove all old nuts, bolts, and washers from the toilet tank.

disconnect water supply line

  1. Carefully lift up on the tank from the bowl and remove the old tank-to-bowl sponge gasket.

Remove toilet tank

  1. Place the new red sponge gasket over the mounting nut threads. Need a new tank-to-bowl gasket? Find a new tank-to-bowl gasket here.

Attach tank to bowl gasket

  1. Carefully set the tank onto the bowl. Use the botls, rubber washers, washers, and hex nuts, to attach the tank to the bowl. Apply downward pressure to keep the tank level as you tighten the nuts in an alternating fashion until the tank is stable.

Tighten bolts

  1. Do not over-tighten the nuts; doing so may cause the porcelain to crack.

do not overtighten

  1. Reattach the water supply line.

connect water supply line

  1. Turn the water supply on to complete your installation.

Turn On Water Supply

Step 2: Toilet Base

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