We have all the toilet parts you need for your toilet, whether it is old or new. Our selection includes universal and specific-fit options to fit any type of toilet. Our toilet replacement parts work for over 90% of toilets, with specific-fit items available for the rest.

100BP Toilet Flapper

Flapper & Seal Replacements

The purpose of the toilet flapper is to regulate the flow and water level of the toilet bowl. When your toilet runs, replacing your flapper is the most common fix. All Korky flappers come with a 5-year warranty and feature chemical-resistant rubber.

Korky Complete Toilet Repair Kit

Universal Toilet Repair Kits

Korky universal toilet repair parts kits make fixing your toilet easier by replacing multiple parts in one trip. These kits are affordable and can make your toilet work better, saving you water and money in the long term.

Korky Fill Valve

Fill Valve Replacements

Korky toilet fill valves fit 99% of toilets and are a reliable option for homeowners looking to upgrade their toilets. Our premium fill valves feature refill adjusters. This allows you to control the water supplied to the bowl through the overflow tube.

unboxed toilet flush valve & tank to bowl gasket kit

Flush Valve Replacements

The purpose of the toilet flush valve is to allow the water a path to flow from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. Korky Toilet Repair offers both fixed-height flush valves and adjustable-height flush valves. We manufacture both standard 2-inch and large 3-inch flush valves.

Korky StrongARM Toilet Flush Handle, Brushed Gold

Tank Levers

The Korky StrongARM toilet handle replacement fits most toilets, adjusting to fit all tank positions. These positions include front, angle, and side(left or right). When you flush your toilet, Korky levers reinforce at the elbow to provide extra strength and long life.

Wax Free Toilet Seal Kit Unboxed Elements

Wax Free Gaskets

An alternative to the traditional wax ring solutions, the WaxFREE Seal Kit is a cleaner alternative to toilet installation. The two-piece foam interior adapts to fit toilet flanges that are above, even with, and below finished floors with no mess.

Korky Tank to Bowl Gasket 464 out of packaging

Tank to Bowl Gaskets

The purpose of the tank-to-bowl gasket is to provide a leak-free seal between the toilet tank and bowl. Manufactured of high-quality rubber, the Korky tank-to-bowl gaskets fit most toilet tanks.

Beehive Hideaway Toilet Plunger


The purpose of the toilet plunger is to unclog the obstruction in your toilet trapway so that your toilet can flush properly. Korky plungers guarantee to seal all bowl shapes, providing powerful clog removal.

Toilet Tank to Bowl Hardware Kit


Korky Toilet Repair manufactures a complete line of toilet repair accessories that are compatible with common parts.