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Toilet Fill Valve Replacement

The purpose of the toilet fill valve is to refill the toilet tank and toilet bowl with water after you flush the toilet & to maintain the water level inside the toilet tank.

All Korky toilet repair fill valves are universal replacements for ballcocks and other toilet fill valves. Upgrading your toilet tank to include a Korky Fill Valve will lead to a quieter, better performing toilet.

Why Korky Toilet Fill Valves:

  • Universal design to fit all toilet brands
  • Fits all two-piece toilets and most one-piece toilets
  • Fits extra tall tanks (including Kohler®, Wellworth® and Portrait® models)
  • The easiest toilet fill valve to install: with a one-step height adjustment you can install a Korky fill valve in less than ten minutes without any tools
  • All Korky toilet fill valves come with a 5 year warranty
  • All Korky toilet fill valves have an internal float which prevents the toilet fill valve from malfunctioning
  • Enclosed strainer catches sand and sediment to prevent clogging the critical diaphragm downstream

Toilet Fill Valves