Faucet Toilet Flush Handle and Lever Oil Rubbed Bronze

StrongARM® Toilet Flush Handle & Lever, Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze

Part Number: 6081

Designed to fit the majority of toilets, the Korky StrongARM Handle & Lever easily adjusts to fit all toilet tank positions including: front, side, angle, right and down. Optimized for use with both 2” & 3” toilet flappers and canister-style flush valves, the engineer-grade material in common stress areas performs as well as brass and aluminum levers. The faucet-style handle, in an oil-rubbed bronze finish, is a great way to upgrade any toilet and complement the bathroom’s decor. 

  • Fixes: Broken, sticking & corroded handles and outdated designs
  • Fits all popular toilet brands 
  • Easily adjusts to fit all tank positions: front, angled, right and side mount toilet tanks
  • Quick & easy install, no need to bend for fitment
  • Optimized for use with both 2” and 3” Toilet Flappers and canister-style flush valves
  • Reinforced lever arm for strength & long life
  • Corrosion resistant – guaranteed not to rust
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes: (1) Oil-Rubbed Bronze Handle, (1) Toilet Flush Handle, (2) Locking Clips and (1) Stainless Steel Lanyard Hook