#1 Made in USA Toilet Repair Brand

Toilet Flush Handles

Have you ever had the experience of being unable to flush your toilet due to a broken lever?

Not surprising, the #1 reason tank levers are replaced is because they break. The Korky StrongARM Tank Lever & Handle Kit is a stronger alternative to traditional tank levers. Made of engineer grade material to perform as well as brass and aluminum, the Korky tank levers are reinforced at the elbow to provide extra strength and long life. The lever arm is designed to stand up to harsh water conditions and guaranteed not to rust.

Designed to fit more toilets than any other lever, the Korky StrongARM Handle & Lever Kit easily adjusts to fit all handle positions including: front, angle, side (left or right) of the toilet tank.

Common in newer toilets, the StrongARM lever fits with both 2” & 3” flappers and canister-style flush systems and fits all popular brands: American Standard®, Kohler®, Mansfield®, TOTO® and all others.