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Large 3" & 4" Toilet Flush Valve & Tank to Bowl Gasket Kit

Part Number: 

Fits 3" & 4" flush valve openings
Flush valve adjusts from 7" to 11-1/2"
Fits most 2-piece toilets
Includes: flush valve, flapper, tank to bowl gasket and hardware
Flapper made of chlorine resistant rubber
Made in USA
5 year warranty
Alternate part number: 5030BP | 5030FH | 5030FR

Product Description

The Adjustable 3 inch Flush Valve and Tank to Bowl Gasket Kit fits specific toilet models made after 1997. The toilet repair kit is quick and easy to install, the flush valve height easily adjusts from 7 inch to 11-1/2 inch, with no tools or hack sawing required. The oversized tube and funnel reduce flood risk while the included premium flapper and tank to bowl gasket ensure a tight, leak-proof fit. The kit fits most 3 inch 2-piece toilet tanks, but does not fit any Kohler toilets. Easy to install, the 5030 toilet parts include: (1) Large 3 inch- 4 inch Flush Valve, (1) Large Tank to Bowl Gasket, (1) Large 3 inch Premium Flapper, (1) Set of Hardware and (1) Instructions. 

Quick Overview:

  • Fixes: leak between tank and bowl and worn seating surface
  • Fits specific toilets since year 2000 with large 3-in flush valves
  • Fits most 3 inch 2-piece toilet tanks (excluding Kohler)
  • Overflow tube easily adjusts from 7-in to 11-1/4-inch with no tools or hack sawing required
  • Oversized tube and funnel reduce flood risk
  • Exclusive longest lasting red rubber in Toilet Flapper resists chlorine
  • Made in the USA
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Includes: (1) Large 3 inch- 4 inch Flush Valve, (1) Large Tank to Bowl Gasket & Hardware, (1) Large 3 inch Premium Flapper and (1) Instructions

The kit fits most 3" 2-piece toilet tanks including (find toilet info here):

  • American Standard Toilets: Cadet 3 (4019, 4021), Champion (4260, 4272, 4281), Champion 4 (4077, 4266, 4272, 4281)
  • AquaSource Toilets: (AT1201, AT1203)
  • Crane Toilet: Sure Flush (31242)
  • Eljer Toilets: Diplomat (4019, 4021), Stratus (4007), Titan (141-0777), Titan 4 (4272)
  • Ferguson Toilet: Pro Flo HET (PF9400)
  • Gerber Toilets: Avalanche (28-890, HE-28-890)
  • Jacuzzi Toilets: Era (BK37), Espree (EZ36), Maxima (EZ37), Perfecta (EZ33, GU04959), Prestige (GV80)
  • Mansfield Toilets: Barrett (106), Summit (386), Maverick (112), Waverly (3195), Pegasus Westminster (164-146)
  • TOTO Toilets: Drake (743S), Eco Drake (743E)
  • Tuscany Toilet: Sereno (11-105)

Please note: toilet flush valve does not fit Kohler toilets.

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