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Black Toilet Plunger with White Plastic Handle

Part Number: 

Plunger constructed of non-marking rubber
Plunger cup: 6"
Handle length: 16"
Easy plunge T-handle design
Plunger head/cup made of rubber
Made in USA

Product Description

DISCONTINUED. Please see the BEEHIVE Family of plungers.

The Decorative Black Plunger with White Plastic Handle is constructed of a non-marking rubber and offers a T-handle that allows for an optimum grip and effective plunge to clear a clogged toilet. The 93WH-4 toilet parts include: (1) T-Handle and (1) 6 inch Black Plunger Cup. 

Quick Overview:

  • Decorative black plunger
  • Sanitary white ergonomic handle
  • High performance Korky toilet plunger
  • Professional style Korky plunger
  • Made of non-marking rubber
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes: (1) T-Handle and (1) 6 inch Gray Plunger Cup