How to Fix Leak Between Toilet Tank and Bowl

Is your toilet leaking between the tank and the bowl? If you see water leaking down the base of your toilet, or pooling on the floor, it could be a sign that your tank-to-bowl gasket is leaking. Water belongs in your toilet not on the floor, let's get that fixed.

Does this describe your toilet issue?

Common Causes

Loose tank bolts: Over time, the sponge gasket can settle, releasing tension in the bolts. Other environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, or general use can lead to the bolts loosening over time. 

Worn-out tank-to-bowl gaskets: This gasket is responsible for creating a water-tight seal. Chemicals used in cleaning agents, bacteria, city water, well water, and hard water, can cause this gasket to break down over time. 

If either of these causes has occurred, it is time to replace your tank-to-bowl gasket and hardware. 

How to Fix

  1. Shut off the water supply to your toilet. Then flush and hold the lever down to drain the water from the tank.

shut off water supply

  1. Place a bucket under the toilet tank to catch excess water.

place bucket under toilet

  1. Disconnect the water supply line, and remove all old nuts, bolts, and washers from the tank.

disconnect water supply line

  1. Carefully lift the tank from the bowl and remove the old tank-to-bowl sponge gasket.

Remove toilet tank

  1. Place the new red sponge gasket over the mounting nut threads.

Attach tank to bowl gasket

  1. Carefully set the tank onto the bowl. Use the bolts, rubber washers, washers, and hex nuts to attach the tank to the bowl. Apply downward pressure to keep the tank level as you tighten the nuts alternatingly until the tank is stable.

Tighten bolts

  1. Do not overtighten the nuts; doing so may cause the porcelain to crack.

do not overtighten

  1. Reassemble the toilet and turn the water supply line back on.

Turn On Water Supply

Toilet leaking between tank and bowl