Do want to learn how to repair a toilet? Our troubleshooting guide will help you learn to diagnose common toilet problems, and help you fix your toilet. With step-by-step instructions, installing and repairing Korky products is easy, even for beginners! Our innovative solutions are designed to simplify the repair process so you can find the right part and fix your toilet.

anatomy of a toilet guide image

Anatomy of a Toilet

Have you ever wondered how a toilet actually works? It's actually pretty simple, check it out!

What flush valve seal do I need?

What Flush Valve Seal Do I Need?

Not sure what flush valve seal you need for your toilet? No problem - we have some hints to help you out!

What Size Flapper do I Need?

What Size Flapper Do I Need?

Not sure what flapper size you need for your toilet? No problem - we have your back!

Toilet flushing twice

How to Fix a Toilet Flushing Twice

Does your toilet flush twice with only one press of the toilet handle? With a simple adjustment of your flapper, this is quickly resolved.

Toilet flushing on its own

How to Fix Toilet Flushing on its Own

Does your toilet flush on its own? This is a problem known as ghost flushing. It signals that your flapper is leaking and needs to be replaced.

How to Install Korky StrongARM toilet levers

How to Install Korky StrongARM® Toilet Handles

Upgrade your broken tank lever - Helpful How To Install video for your new Korky lever.

Leak between tank and bowl

How to Fix Leak Between Toilet Tank and Bowl

Is your toilet leaking from between the tank and the bowl onto the floor? Water belongs in your toilet not on the floor, let's get that fixed!

How to replace toilet fill valve guide

How to Replace Toilet Fill Valve

Want to learn how to install a fill valve? Replacing a toilet fill valve is easy - let's get started!

What Size Flapper do I Need?

How to Replace Toilet Flapper

Do you know how to replace a toilet flapper? Replacing a flapper is a normal home maintenance that needs to be done every five to ten years.

How to fix a running toilet

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Is your toilet running? Do you have a constant or intermittently running toilet? Let's troubleshoot this and get it fixed.

How to fix a slow filling toilet

How to Fix Slow Filling Toilet

Does your toilet tank fill slowly after flushing? Or what about not filling at all? Let's get that fixed.

How to plunge any drain

How to Unclog a Sink

Is your sink or drain clogged or draining slowly? Learn how to quickly and properly plunge by using the right tools and techniques.

How to Unclog a Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet

Clogged toilet? Well look no further - let's go over how to correctly plunge your toilet and fix your problem without a plunger visit!

Weak flushing toilet

How to Fix a Slow Flushing Toilet

Are you frustrated because you have a slow-flushing toilet? Having to hold down your flush handle to get a powerful flush is a hassle, but this is an easy fix!

why is my toilet wobbling

Why is My Toilet Wobbling?

In this easy-to-follow guide, we'll explore why your toilet might be wobbling and provide simple solutions to fix it.